Doors (Entry Doors)

Lifestyle Oasis is proud to be one of Canada’s premier suppliers of quality entrance door systems. We offer a complete selection of commodity and decorative entrance doors for the replacement, renovation and new construction markets. We supply Entryguard Doors, based out of Concord, Ontario.

Looking for a quality and affordable Door for your next project?



Fiberglass Collection = ENTRY GUARD DOORS (more)

  • Specially engineered fiberglass door facings provide maximum protection and durability.
  • Fiberglass doors will not dent and resist splitting, cracking and warping.
  • The surface of a fiberglass door produces an authentic wood door appearance by utilizing a new, variable depth wood-grain texture that finishes easily and beautifully.
  • Fiberglass doors feature a high-definition panel profile creating excellent shadow lines and distinct panel designs.
  • 5 Beautiful colours to choose from: Antique Grey, Fruitwood, Golden Oak, Teak, Walnut

Wrought-Iron Collection = WROT IRON DESIGNS (more)

  • Adds elegance to your entry system
  • Pattern possibilities are endless, creating a truly unique entry system
  • The glass in these doors is textured for privacy

Decorative Collection = ENTRY GUARD DOORS (more)

  • Each design has sparkling beveled glass to give your entrance the attention it deserves
  • Choose between brass and zinc caming (also available in black)

Privacy Collection = ENTRY GUARD DOORS (more)

  • These entry doors provide maximum privacy with glue chip bevels
  • The panel sizes and clarity of the glass are custom designed for your desired privacy level

Executive Collection

  • These classic door systems add a new dimension to your entry door system!
  • They can be mixed and matched with our executive glass selections to create the ideal entrance!

Looking for a quality and affordable Door for your next project?