Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I prepare for my installation?

Please take down curtains, blinds, or any other window treatments. Security sensors should also be removed and turned off by your security company. Please remove all wall decorations close to the windows as they may fall during the installation. It is best to clear the area where the installer will be working, to ensure your furniture and belongings are kept safe.

2. What happens to my old windows?

Lifestyle is happy to take your old windows and dispose of them, taking the worry off your hands and ensuring they are disposed of in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner.

3. What is Energy Star and what does it mean to me?Energy Star

Energy Star is the international symbol of energy efficiency.  With the Energy Star symbol, consumers can easily identify products that will help them reduce their energy consumption. To be Energy Star compliant, products must meet a set level of energy efficiency. By purchasing Energy Star products, you can be certain that you are choosing some of the most energy efficient products available. Lifestyle only sells windows which are Energy Star, look for this symbol when purchasing:

4. What is Low – E?

Low E or low emissivity glass allows visible light to pass through a window but blocks infrared and UV light. UV light does damage to skin and furniture and causes colors to fade in carpets, couches, and other household items. And infrared light is the part of sunlight that makes objects heat up. Blocking that heat keeps surfaces in your home cool and comfortable. Low E glass protects the members of your household and the things you own from this unwanted exposure. It also helps you save on heating costs as the same principle keeping infrared light out of your home bounces your home’s heat back off of the window surfaces and keeps it from leaving the house.

5. How do vinyl windows compare to other types?

Vinyl is a great insulator, superior in its resistance to heat transfer. Vinyl windows and doors are affordable, durable, energy efficient, aesthetically appealing and require little maintenance.